Detailed Cleaning Every Time We Come.

Our cleaning system has been developed upon years of experience on the field. We feel this system is the most efficient way to complete our tasks thoroughly and smoothly leaving your home looking and feeling great for your pleasure.

We provide our services in teams of two and sometimes three qualified and trained professionals. Entering your home all beds are made and sheets are changed if needed. From there our employees split the work to be done into two categories:
1. Floors / Clean and disinfect kitchen
2. Dusting / Tidying up / Clean and Disinfect bathrooms 

Here's Exactly What We Do On Each Visit

Vacuum and damp mop all floors and carpets in your entire home (kitchen floor mopped 3 times). Empty all trash bins and cans throughout. Cob webs are removed with our lengthy dusters in every room and corner in your house, around all baseboards high and low. We also tidy up around your house and neatly place things together.

*Clean and disinfect toilets, and tubs

*Clean vanity and sink

*Shower walls cleaned 

*Tile grouting scrubbed

*Shower doors and door frame hand wiped and shined.

*Damp and dry wipe all mirrors 

*Fixtures cleaned

*Front of cabinets hand wiped

*Window sills, ledges, and blinds dusted

*empty all trash bags
Sleeping and Living Areas

*Beds are made / sheets and pillow covers changed

*Wipe and polish wooden furniture.

*Doors and door frames spot cleaned

*Picture frames dusted and spot cleaned

*Furniture and upholstery vacuumed (under couch cushions, under couches where accessible)

*Empty all trash bags 

*Damp and dry wipe all mirrors.

*Clean underneath all items on top of surfaces. We also straighten up things throughout your home.

*Window sills, ledges, and blinds dusted.

*Remove cobwebs with extended dusters.

*Windows - Dust and quick damp wipe, with exception of window over kitchen sink which is thoroughly cleaned. 

*Empty fully loaded dishwasher and put away dishes (dishes must be clean upon arrival)

*Load Dishwasher

*Floors are damp mopped with cleaner, mopped again with just water, then dry mopped.

*Clean and disinfect sink

*Clean front and top of range 

*Clean inside and outside of range hood       

*Drip pans/other thoroughly cleaned inside sink

*Front of cabinet doors and handles hand cleaned with wood polisher or other

*Clean appliance exteriors       

*Clean inside and outside microwave  

*Clean counters thoroughly

*Clean exterior refrigerator

*Window sills, ledges, and blinds dusted

*empty trash bags

We use Zep Stainless Steel Cleaner on any appliance or surface requiring it.

Our Team

Our employees are highly skilled professionals who have built a reputation for getting
 the job done efficiently and professionally. We pride ourselves on adhering to our quotes, and ensuring service that is of the highest quality. We treat every single job, no matter how big or small, with the respect it deserves.
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